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Private Chef Joshua Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Personal Chef # 7816

Cooking style
I'm a blue-collar guy with a weakness for the better things in life. That means I love fussy cuisine with unusual ingredients just about as much as I love a green been casserole (those crispy onions!). I'm up for anything, but love to share my tried-and-true recipes. I also love to improvise when an ingredient goes missing or a dietary restriction means you need a hollandaise without any butter.
The professional kitchen has been my home for the last 7 years, but most days I still feel chin-high to the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon, cranking out pounds and pounds cavatelli pasta with a bunch of short, loud family members. I pride myself on technique and flavor, but I try to never forget that food is most importantly about the people you share it with - a friendly, easy-going guy like me in the kitchen, and whoever is lucky enough to share a table with you long after I clean up.
American, French, Greek, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
Chef Joshua
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What would you like?

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