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Private Chef Manny Phoenix, AZ, United States

Deliciousness is my specialty!

Personal Chef # 11126

Cooking style
I'm a chameleon. Whatever you're looking for I can deliver. I excel in home cooking in most cuisines. American, Mexican, Itilian, Chinese, Santa Fe, British pub grub, healthy alternatives, breakfast and brunchnPresentation is key. People eat with their eyes and I make sure to catch that eye.
Why guys. My experience is quite varied. Started in a 50's diner. Learned the basics and how to be fast while staying efficient. From there I was in a hospital kitchen in New Hampshire for five years. Worked under a great chef who took me under his wing and taught me the fundamentals of cooking. Reading recipes and bulk batch cooking. From there I want to a different hospital in Arizona. Under an extremely talented chef I learned the art of sauce making and was givin freedom to be creative with recipes in many types of cuisine. After 3 years there I moved on to the position of executive chef of a small local cafe in Phoenix for dinner service. American comfort food with a dash of class. Fresh proteins butchered daily, homemade sauces and glazes and house made desserts. Creativity and many many changes were a constant. From there I worked at a cafe in a office building. I was the eentre chef with the duty of creating 2 eentres daily including two soups from scratch. I know my soups. Making 20 different soups a week will do that to a guy. Incredibly busy atmosphere made me a multi task king. After that. I went to a family owned pub to run the kitchen for several years. All recipes were created by myself and my brother. Everything made from scratch. Yes hospitals and cafe cooking doesn't sound exciting. But as the culinary fails explodes even the so called bad food places now have delicious cuisine.
American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Manny
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What would you like?

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