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Private Chef Michael Orlando, FL, United States

From my minds eye to the plate, with a dash of love.

Personal Chef # 5431

Cooking style
I bring new flare to sushi with ingredients never thought of set up in ways not yet seen. I am more about creating new ideas and new experiences, but I am willing to keep it traditional if requested. I cater to the clients palate and food desires.
Started in my grandmothers Spanish kitchen at 10 helping out. As I got older I started developing more of a passion for food and at 19 decided to get my education and venture into the world of food. I've worked at corporate chains with set menus where speed is everything, as well as hotels. I've also done fine dining, where flavor and presentation is paramount. Worked at a 3 diamond restaurant as well as a country club that caters to millionaires. But my best experience was being an apprentice to a Japanese sushi chef for 3 years. I absorbed as much as I could before having to move on, and continued to practice and train at home to hone and better my skill set. He was never easy on me and I would have wanted it no other way. New York may be my spawning grounds, but Florida nurtured this culinarian for 11 years and still does today.
American, BBQ, Fusion, Japanese, Spanish
Chef Michael
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What would you like?

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