Private Chef Mara Orlando, FL, United States

Mara made that

Personal Chef # 2798

Cooking style
I get everything out in front of me, confirm I have everything I need and start. I clean as I go so at the end there is very little mess. I can make a wide variety of dishes, meals and types of cuisines.
I am self taught. I have learned through trial and error. But if you want something made I will be honest with you about my skills in that area, I will not say I can do something I can't.
American, Japanese, Latin, Mexican, Soul/Southern, Spanish
Chef Mara
Down south

Down south

$ 59.80 /guest    4 and more
Sushi party

Sushi party

$ 34.50 /guest    10 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more
The best service I ever had.!
Ms. Mara made me and m family's trip one of the best trips I ever had with her talents. I couldn't have chosen a better chef for the job. Excellent service and the food was well worth it. Would definitely pay for her services AGAIN!!!!!!
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