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Private Chef Tre Council Opelika, AL, United States

Southern Cooking, Clean Cooking, Comfort food, Vegan, From everyday to Entertaining!

Personal Chef # 9722

Cooking style
I absolutely love everything about cooking. From Southern cooking, clean cooking, comfort food and cooking with soul. My mom, dad & both grandmothers were the first Chefs I knew. My father is a Master & my mom is a great home baker. Both grandmothers taught me all the southern cooking techniques, going to culinary school and working with different Chefs taught me how to put a twist on everyday meals, turning everyday into entertainment.
Professional Chef for over 4 years, cooking as a Sous Chef level for 9 years. In this time in my life, I want to share the knowledge I have with any & everyone. I express myself through my food, there is nothing like making someone something they like & bringing them joy.
African, American, BBQ, Health, Italian, Soul/Southern
Chef Tre Council
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What would you like?

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