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Private Chef Mark Oakland, CA, United States

Focused and Powerful Flavours

Personal Chef # 21186

Cooking style
My cooking style is all about purity and high quality, capturing ingredients at their peak of flavor. I cook very seasonally, technical and ethically, I always try to utilize as much of an ingredient as possible. I work very closely with the seasons but I also preserve a lot of those tastes through fermentation, so I can utilize them throughout the year in various forms.
I am able to offer intimate parties at clients homes, working together with the client and creating a unique meal with a menu that is written only for that client. I am also very good at teaching classes, offering clients home classes. In the past, I have taught classes on butchery, sauce making, soup making, pasta 101, risotto, innovative vegetable cookery and egg cookery. I am very friendly with many local farmers that I work with, I can offer tours and lunch afterward at various farms in the north bay. I have 25 years of experience under my belt and I attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. I graduated with an AOS in Culinary Arts.
American, Bio, French, Italian, Japanese, Terroir
Chef Mark
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What would you like?

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