Private Chef Kristina Norfolk, VA, United States

I make your savory and sweet dreams come true! At least in the world of food.

Personal Chef # 6683

Cooking style
My goal when cooking or baking is to make sure there is something for everyone. So sugar free, gluten free, all natural. If there's a way I can do it.
Hey everyone, I have been cooking and baking my whole life. I started at six years old helping my grandmas out. I knew that being in the kitchen was what I wanted to do so in high school I did our amazing culinary program. We had a fully student run restaurant and catering company, and i was selected to go to our state culinary competition both my Jr and sr years. Upon graduating I furthered my education at le cordon bleu in pastry. And since then I have worked in several kitchens, doing all kinds of styles of cooking.
American, Europe, Health, Indian, Molecular, Vegan
Chef Kristina
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