Private Chef Susan New York, NY, United States

Healthy, fresh, natural and organic, yet tasty cuisine (specialize on Japanese cuisine)

Personal Chef # 26750

Cooking style
Specializing Japanese cuisine as Japanese using organic healthy ingredients as much as possible, focusing on seafood, vegetable. Also offer organic sweet.
Born in Japan, I was a banker with MBA from Yale before financial crisis and former Kitchensurfing private chef serving mostly dinner party including celebrity clients. I had an opportunity to turn self-taught baking / cooking expertise into something more. I could customize products for clients with food restriction. Traveled all over the world, active, down to earth and friendly service
Asian, Bio, Japanese, Vegetarian
Chef Susan
HomeAway HomeAway® | Partner
Seafood platter

Seafood platter

$ 115.00 /guest    3 and more
Sushi roll

Sushi roll

$ 115.00 /guest    3 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more

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