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Private Chef Germán New York, NY, United States

NYC Chef who is passionate, intense and knowledgeable, also has an extensive and diverse culinary background

Personal Chef # 32046

Cooking style
Minimalistic and rustic by paying attention to detail and treating the ingredients as carefully as possible to retain their integrity I was fortunate to have grown up in Chile where I was exposed to all kinds of fresh produce and seafood
Chef Germán is born in Chile, professionally trained at The French Culinary Institute (I.C.E.) and at The Culinary Institute of America. He has over 25 years experience as an Executive Chef in well-known NYC restaurants, Hotels and as a Private Chef for Socialites/Celebrities. How I got started: My first job was in a small restaurant. I was mesmerized by the energy and passion of cooking and the restaurant business itself so I enrolled in Culinary school. Throughout my career: I was the Executive Chef at the SOHO Grand Hotel when it first opened and had the opportunity to cook for highly influential people. Then I moved on to open a tapas restaurant with an open kitchen where I cooked traditional and innovative Spanish cuisine. Later, I decided to experience a different side of the industry as a Private Chef for celebrities/socialites including Wesley Snipes and Denise Rich. I then went back to the hotel industry where I was in charge of the kitchen at Yotel NYC with three different venues simultaneously. Most recently, I was the Executive Chef of a corporate dining room at a large NYC law firm.
French, Fusion, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, Spanish
Chef Germán
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