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Private Chef Marlon New Orleans, LA, United States

Chef Marlon believes in local clean cuisine with a focus on artistic plating and presentation.

Personal Chef # 21661

Cooking style
Chef Marlon is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. Classically trained, Chef Marlon's cuisine is bold, honest, and vibrant. He also gives cooking classes and provides a wine pairing experience during the meal. He is SafeServe certified.
Chef Marlon has 20 years of experience in the culinary industry working as a private chef. He also owns a catering business. His extensive travel has resulted in his own inimitable style of cooking, developed to tantalize any palate. His menu is flavorsome and healthy - combining classic French techniques with southern soul. His charismatic and charming demeanor, and ability to produce award-winning cuisine has earned him local, national, and international respect and attention.
American, French, Fusion, Health, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern
Chef Marlon
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What would you like?

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Excellent Experience and Superior Service
if you are looking for great meal with An amazing flair - this is it!! Responsive timely and delicious! Wonderful private celebration for family. Would reco again and again! Chef Marlon was amazing!!
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