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Private Chef Anne New Orleans, LA, United States

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Personal Chef # 22366

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World Soul? World Comfort? I don't know, I hate to pin myself down or limit what I like to do. From sushi to fried chicken and waffles, I love cooking everything but veal and octopus. I love when the soul of a culture is expressed in their food. I feel that intensely in my adopted home of New Orleans, and in many of the places I have traveled around this delicious planet. I love honoring these food traditions that have sustained mankind. I love to cook Indian, Szechuan, Peruvian, Southern-and more-and I make a mean gumbo! I can prepare plant-based no problem. I focus on all the bounty our area provides, from seafood to our Farmers' markets, there's always fresh inspiration.
I am professionally trained and have several years experience cooking in restaurants, but the bulk of my work has been catering. I spent 6 plus years traveling and catering for bands. Before and since then, I have been catering affairs large and small, intimate and grande, as well as teaching cooking classes in New Orleans. I ran a vegan restaurant for a year and a half until my partner retired. I most recently cooked for a couple of the Saints during football season. I also teach cooking classes at a school in New Orleans.
African, American, Asian
Chef Anne


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