Private Chef Linsey New Braunfels, TX, United States

Unexpected, inspired, fun & delicious!

Personal Chef # 4305

Cooking style
I like to have fun and push my customers boundaries. I like people to kinda raise their eyebrows when I explain a dish to them and I enjoy the slow smile when they taste it. I find inspiration everywhere, not just ingredients, people, movies, music, colors, even video games inspire me. But most importantly I like to make tasty food.
Currently I work as the head chef of a locally owned boutique hotel. Previously I was the head chef at a cheese & wine shop, I also worked as a personal chef and taught in-home cooking classes. I have over 10 years of experience, working in many different types of restaurants ranging from fast casual to fine dining. I have also earned many awards and recognition for my cooking, including 2 silver medals and features in local publications. I feel my heart is in rustic French style cuisine, but I also love cooking the food I grew up eating, Puerto Rican, Italian, Greek and Indian.
Bio, Decadent, French, Fusion, Mediterranean, Spanish
Chef Linsey
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