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Private Chef Alexander Negaunee, MI, United States

Salads, sauces, gourmet burgers, Greek, Cajun, BBQ

Personal Chef # 9031

Cooking style
My cooking style is open for all types of cravings. I make delicious dishes that represent all kinds of culture. I like Greek cuisine, Cajun, Steaks, North African, Japanese, Carribean, and American. I like to blend flavors and styles to make unique and delicious dishes.
I've been learning ing how to cook since I was 10. I'll never stop learning new recipes and ways to prepare dishes. I currently run the kitchen at Jackson's Pit Gourmet Grill and Bar. I've been in the restaurant industry since 2007. In our first year open, we (Jackson's Pit) won best burger in the area.
American, BBQ, Caribbean, Greek, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern
Chef Alexander
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What would you like?

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