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Cooking style
Modern American/California Cuisine- A fusion cuisine that uses ingredients and techniques from all over the world focusing on fresh local produce and herbs, lean meats and healthy grains. I also enjoy cooking with Asian and Mediterranean flavors. When it's cold outside I'm a sucker for pastas, braised dishes, stews and anything comfort food. In the summer I will use any excuse I can to grill. I tend to cook a little lighter in the summertime. I can cook just about anything, just ask!
For the past decade I've been cooking professionally in Minneapolis for some of the best chefs in town. Places I have worked include: Heidi's, World Street Kitchen, Burch Steak, and most recently I was the Sous Chef at Surly Beer Hall. I've also staged (worked for free in exchange for knowledge) at some of the top restaurants in town including the Bachelor Farmer, Haute Dish, Butcher & The Boar, and Travail where I learned a ton.
American, Asian, BBQ, French, Health, Latin
Chef Ben
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What would you like?

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