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Private Chef Staffórd Milton, MA, United States

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Personal Chef # 13909

Cooking style
A blend of classic French and Italian style cooking, with influences from the Caribbean, South America, and the United States.
Chef Lewis is always looking to find the new cutting edge way of preparing the foods we all know and love. Growing up in a Caribbean house hold Chef Stafford Lewis feels as if it is his duty to spread the culture of authentic styles of cuisine. A Culinary alumni of Johnson & Wales University, and a seasoned industry professional, at the age of 28 his goal and ambition is to leave it all, on the plate. After being immersed in the french language for over a decade it was only natural that he would fall in love with the ways of the french kitchen. I didn't know I wanted to cook, I mean I was just a dishwasher. But I saw those Chefs behind that line and there was something special about them, and something clicked and I said you know I think I want to be a Chef! So it began the hustle of working the line in many different restaurants, along with culinary school, on a mission to be an extraordinary Chef. We love food, and we want you to love our food.
American, Caribbean, French, Fusion, Italian, Latin
Chef Staffórd
A Little taste of Italy

A Little taste of Italy

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What would you like?

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