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Private Chef Kunj Miami, FL, United States

Veteran chef over 18+ years of experience of working in 5 star hotels around the world.

Personal Chef # 38345

Cooking style
I use a holistic approach toward food and my dishes are well balanced without being overwhelming mass of ingredients. I always make sure the ingredients I use are of top quality but at the same time I am very cost conscious and I work with the. budget of my clients. That means if I have to travel to 3 different store to get the best ingredient, you bet I will travel those extra miles. Before taking any event I do a detailed discussion with my clients to offer them dishes based on their preferences, budget and type of event. I work WITH YOU to work FOR YOU.
I am chef from India and I have spend over 18 years in hospitality in 5 star hotels across the globe developing recipes and perfecting the art of cooking. My passion for cooking started at a very early age and I have been cooking professionally and personally for as long as I can remember. To me cooking is an art and not just a skill. Same ingredients taste different when they are cooked by different people, just like colors are used by different artists to create different designs. I express myself with my food, it contain my passion and sheer love for culinary art. I am foodie at heart who wants to offer healthy and delicious meals to my clients without overwhelming the pallette. My recipes are highly influenced with TRADITIONAL and LOST recipes of the world which emphasis on Holistic approach towards food. I offer my clients not just a meal, but it is a sensory experience which give feast for eyes, nose, taste and feeling contentment. I believe each dish I serve my guests should always be the very best dish they have ever tasted. I specialize in French, Indian, Italian, Asian fusion and Latin Fusion cuisines. I can offer custom menu to suit your requirements and dietary needs like keto, vegan, dairy free, nuts and gluten free etc. Come join me and let me show you the journey of delicious meals cooked at the comfort of your homes.
American, Asian, Bio, Chinese, Decadent, Eastern Europe
Chef Kunj
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What would you like?

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