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Private Chef Brigitte Marietta, GA, United States

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I bring you an array of culinary delights, from classic French cooking to authentic South African cuisine. My menu is developed according to your needs to complement your occasion and is tailored to meet specific dietary requirements or food-related allergies. My professional licensing and training will guarantee that your meal is prepared safely using only the highest standards of quality and freshness.
I'm Chef Brigitte, and I grew up in sunny South Africa in the beautiful city of Cape Town. My country is vibrant and multicultural and is often referred to as the Rainbow Nation. I now bring to Atlanta, Georgia, the essence of South African cuisine. I make dishes that have strong Cape Malay influences. It's a fusion of South African culinary traditions right from the heart of Cape Town and reflects the cultural diversity of the nation. These dishes have become staples in South Africa, so try my spicy curries, bobotie, breyani, pickled fish, bredie (Afrikaans word for stew), and a variety of pies. For something sweet, try my milk tart, a popular South African dessert, as well as many other sweet treats that capture that complexity of the South African heritage.
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Chef Brigitte
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What would you like?

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