Private Chef Heather Malibu, CA, United States

Gourmet Chef

Personal Chef # 1919

Cooking style
I would describe my cooking style as homemade goodness. I love the idea of making food a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone. In my current position everything I prepare is from scratch. Everything from the noodles I put in my lasagna to the marinara or the dessert after dinner is made from scratch with the idea that this meal may be need to be the best part or most comforting part of someone's day. On the other hand I love challenging my self and the people I serve by preparing foods that I or they may otherwise not try. As much as I love home cooking, I love the adventures that come along with being a chef.
From a young age I have had a passion for food and cooking. My experience with cooking has been an absolute joy and I love sharing my passion with others. I started working as a chef preparing home cooked fresh, balanced and delicious meals for clients who had a a busy life style and did not want to compromise flavor and their love for food in order to make healthy yet convenient choices. After two successful years with my home based company, I was invited by a client to work for a residential treatment center in Malibu preparing food for 10 to 30 clients and staff members for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Adapting to the larger client base and the various diet needs/ restrictions was a welcomed challenge for me as was converting my favorite recipes to conform to the low glycemic diet that the facility followed.
American, Asian, Health, Italian, Mexican, Vegetarian
Chef Heather
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