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Private Chef Max Maitland, FL, United States

A professional private chef at your dinner table.

Personal Chef # 29027

Cooking style
My food is classic and comfort dishes that are elevated and modernized for a healthier lifestyle. To be exact the term would be 'clean-eating' which does NOT mean meatless cooking. Clean eating includes organic whole foods, no added refined sugars, local farm-to-table meals which proteins are ethically raised. I am a true believer in that food is medicine yet living fulfilling life, food shouldn't be any different. So enjoy!
I am a french trained chef and moved back to the US after 22 years abroad. In that time I lived in Europe and South America where I owned a restaurant in Mallorca, Spain that sold after 5.5 yrs while successfully function, developed menus for new restaurants, worked privately for individuals/family on an exclusive basis. Working in my field where I have been sent to travel, adapt constant changes or work in close quarters such as a yacht galley has honed my creativity and culture which in turn translates to my dishes. I hope you'll feel the same! (I speak fluent English, Spanish, French and Italian)
Asian, Europe, Fusion, Health, Italian, Vegetarian
Chef Max
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What would you like?

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