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Private Chef Brandon Magna, UT, United States

Presto Pesto

Personal Chef # 14489

Cooking style
Contemporary American with strong traditional French and Italian influences. I believe food's first function is to feed, and let the rest figure itself out. The idea of leaving a paying guest hungry, despite the idea of 'leaving them wanting more' leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth, and that a plate can look haute, sexy and chic and still sate the body and tease the mind.
Apprentice Chef working on ACF accreditation as a sous chef, and attended culinary school. ServSafe certified. Formerly worked as a line cook at the Garden at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, presently as a sous chef at a reception hall and as a breakfast cook at a local hotel.
Asian, French, Health, Italian, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Brandon
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