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Private Chef Niyah Mableton, GA, United States

Revolutionizing the way you eat, one plate at a time.

Personal Chef # 53701

Cooking style
I prepare all of my food in accordance with the Biblical dietary requirements (avoiding all pork, shellfish, et cetera). On any day, you will find me in the kitchen cooking any cuisine across the world. I have expertise in North American, South American, Asian (From Chinese to Thai), African (ranging from Moroccan to Ethiopian), Middle Eastern, Indian, European and much more. If you ask me to prepare a specific cuisine, I will do so. I also specialize in baked items, and artisan breads (i.e. sourdough, baguettes, et cetera). I prepare gluten free, dairy free, and low gluten options as well. I am willing to do in-house service, or delivery.
I am a personal/private chef in Atlanta Georgia. I won the People's Choice Award for the Atlanta Vegan Mac Down in 2017. Also, I was the first chef to be featured on Sister Circle Live and I won the 1st place prize Destined For Greatness cooking competition. I focus on every little detail, because in cooking, any detail that seems mundane can change a dish completely. From catering, cooking for family, and competing, I have a well rounded repertoire of recipes, and skills to cook for any palate.
African, American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese
Foodie Niyah
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What would you like?

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