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Private Chef Symone Los Angeles, CA, United States

Being a Chef is life.

Personal Chef # 2554

Cooking style
I'm fun, I like to teach, I'm always smiling and I like to play with food, which is molecular gastronomy. My favorite cuisines to make are Asian and Mexican. I'm a grill master so I bbq and make my sauces from scratch, competition style BBQing is my favorite. Safety and sanitation are very important to me so I'm serve safe certified. I like to do small dinners but I'm able to cater your large parties as well. I can make it as if I was never there but you still had a great experience with the food and atmosphere I create but I'll keep it nice and tidy!
I've been cooking for over 10 years. I've been to culinary school and cooking is my passion. I've learned international cuisine and traditional American as well.
Asian, BBQ, Fusion, Health, Mexican, Molecular
Chef Symone
Menu 1

Menu 1

$ 11.50 /guest    4 and more
Pizza Mayhem

Pizza Mayhem

$ 20.13 /guest    1 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more