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Private Chef Sepideh Los Angeles, CA, United States

The world tastes even better than it looks!

Personal Chef # 15250

Cooking style
I cook how I see the world. A combination of earthy flavors with whimsical notes of the Mediterranean. The force of french cooking and simplicity of Asian cooking are clearly a backbone. A natural love for sweets has lead me to mastering some of the most fine desserts. Food must be cooked with love, it must have passion and character.
Experience and food go together like spoon in hand. From the age of three I remember having a sturgeon on the table belly filled with caviar, the smell of cumin and saffron. I learned young what good food was,and what technique meant. Later culinary school would intrigue me and working in some of the best restarts became my path. Never forgetting my love for cooking for more intimate groups bring me here.
Asian, French, Fusion, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian
Chef Sepideh
What would you like?

What would you like?

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