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Private Chef Samone Longwood, FL, United States

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Personal Chef # 19494

Cooking style
My cooking style is homey. I enjoy cooking Seafood, Soul food, International cuisine. Food for me started with my stepdad and with my grandmothers. During holidays the house and the tables were always filled with good food made some made from scratch and the smell was just amazing! I believe we all have a soul food I believe I make homey feel elegant and delicious! I enjoy making sauces as well.
I started my company right out of culinary school to give back time to business professionals, high profile clients and busy families who don't have time to spend creating menus and shopping for themselves. I get to prepare my client’s favorite meals as they relax and spend more time doing the things they love to do. I have worked as a personal chef for over 13 years with 7 years of catering experience with guests counts over 350. I am experienced with planning, preparing and setting up your entire event if need be. I love what I do and sharing what I love is simply the best! How many people can say they love doing what they love? I am living out my dream every single day and I am very blessed to be given an opportunity to do so!
American, Caribbean, Health, Latin, Soul/Southern, Vegan
Chef Samone
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What would you like?

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