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Private Chef Joshua Lindenwold, NJ, United States

I put my heart and soul into every dish and meal I prepare

Personal Chef # 4331

Cooking style
My cooking style was born in French cuisine then it grew into Asian cuisine then matured in Spanish and Italian cuisine
I'm a graduated culinary professional, and I've been working in the kitchen for about 9+ years. I've worked in a variety of restaurants ranging from French inspired to modern fusion. My culinary knowledge and skill grow daily, and I'm ready to take the next step in my journey.
American, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, French, Fusion
Chef Joshua
What would you like?

What would you like?

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What a night
I booked chef Joshua for a 8person dinner for my birthday while in miami for 6pm and he told me it was 7pm and as I reviewed the messages and reservation it was 6pm like I thought ..but I agreeded to 7pm then a little shy of 6pm he informs me that he can't make it until 8pm after (with no explanation other than something happen that will make me late )i agree to have him still come at 8pm I asked how long dinner would take and he assured me that it would take an hour which even I highly doubted and as I'm assumed it didn't I requested a meal of either Haitian or Cuban authentic and he chose to Do both . Our menu was appetizers: Cuban croquet ( ham ones & chicken ones ) main course : filet mignon & shrimp or hen with a chocolate Demi reduction sauce.on a and of rotossi and asparagus desert : Haitian rum cake . He made a homemade sauce for appetizer which was really good but the croquet itself were out of the box which 3 of the guest saw and really made me upset when they told me foll
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