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Private Chef Ray Las Vegas, NV, United States

Chef Ray

Personal Chef # 12498

Cooking style
I'm an artists so my style has no limits. I have knowledge about different methods of cooking such as searing, braising, poaching, sou vide, etc...I would say that Italian food is my favorite style of cooking. I have been cooking Italian food for over 10+ years. I have been to Tuscany in Italy and I learned how to make special sauces, fresh pasta, pizza, gnocchi, curing meats, farm to table food, etc.
I have extensive culinary experience. I have been in the food industry for over 14 years and I haved worked in some great kitchens with awesome chefs. I have learned (but not limited to) French cuisine, Southern cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, etc. Food is my passion. I currently work for Thomas Keller's bouchon.
American, Asian, BBQ, French, Fusion, Italian
Chef Ray
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What would you like?

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