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Private Chef Mark Las Vegas, NV, United States

A perfectionist for quality, taste, and presentation.

Personal Chef # 29945

Cooking style
There is no limit to my style. I love trying to techniques and flavors. If I had a style it would be Caribbean and Spanish Flavors with Modern French Techniques. Being Born and Raised in the Los Angeles I had a wide range of cuisines that influence my style of cooking. Putting flavors together is my specialty.
I have been working in the food industry for last 15 years. I started working at families restaurant at the age of 17. Started from the bottom as a dishwasher and worked my way up. I've worked at many fine dining establishments and hotels, including restaurants by Gordon Ramsay, Michael Mina, and Kerry Simon and hotels such as the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and The Ritz Carlton. During my chef journey I've got to do a little bit of cooking and traveling for business. Places like New York, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Puerto Rico. I now find myself in the city of Las Vegas to share my culinary experience and skills.
Asian, Caribbean, French, Fusion, Latin, Spanish
Chef Mark
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What would you like?

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