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Private Chef Davonna Las Vegas, NV, United States

It’s beaucoup good!

Personal Chef # 33352

Cooking style
I am so passionate about cooking global foods and adding a soulful twist to it. I can cook foods from all around the world and make it my own or cook in whatever style you prefer and perfect it. I love cooking with a nutritional balance with a decadent touch. I can cook vegan and vegetarian dishes as well.
I am a personal chef here to provide good quality foods. I cook with my own natural and organic brand seasoning from my company giving an array of spice blends and sauces. I want to provide a warming and loving enjoyable experience you and your loved ones will always remember how much flavor and love was put into your food.
African, American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese
Chef Davonna
What would you like?

What would you like?

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