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Private Chef Antonio Las Vegas, NV, United States

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Personal Chef # 4560

Cooking style
My style is contemporary cuisine. I like to cook and experiment with foods that are in season. Taking different cuisines and change the everyday perspective on the dishes and I've built an adaptive style to combat the mass changes in cuisines. As the food change ,my style changes. Giving me the ability to provide guests with unique dining experiences. Provide you with an experience on top of the meal!
I've been cooking for 12 years now. Extremely diverse in cuisines ,working in multiple kitchens ,ranging from Italian to Southern. To Spanish culture to Authentic African cuisines .Worked at prestigious steakhouses on the Las Begas strip, and world renowned chefs.
American, Asian, BBQ, Chinese, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Antonio
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What would you like?

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He promised a memorable experience and he delivered! The food was delicious and fresh. It was a great menu! Not only were they talented and knowledgeable they were friendly and interactive with all the house guest! Everyone loved the experience. This will be something we will do again!
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