Private Chef Emily Lakewood, CO, United States

The Technique Taskmaster

Personal Chef # 21769

Cooking style
Technique driven. The quantity and diversity of products available is staggering, and makes this job so much fun - Treat quality products respectfully and let them shine. I can do cooking classes, beer pairings, wine pairings, restricted diets, etc. I am well prepared to be flexible.
I have 22 years of experience in the culinary industry. Most of my experience has been catering to extremely well traveled, high end clientele. The ski town experience brought me in contact with many people from around the world. Brush Creek Ranch is a luxury guest ranch in Wyoming, and was the destination wedding spot for several high profile weddings/events. I feel my experiences have prepared me well for a variety of tastes and eating preferences, which can be accomidated because of my collective experiences.
American, Asian, French, Health, Mediterranean, Terroir
Chef Emily
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What would you like?

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