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Private Chef Gordon Lake Grove, NY, United States

Let The Ingredients Speak For Themselves, Less Is More

Personal Chef # 27347

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Prep, Prep, Prep Execute.
My Passion & Inspiration For Cooking And Serving My Clients Came From An Older New Orleans Creole Women. She Was Firm But Fair And Ingrained In Me (Since I Was Seven Years Old) The Respect For All Food No Matter How “Humble” The Ingredients. I Bring This Respect With Me Wherever I Go. Simple & Extremely Tasty Foods Are Always On The Menu. I’m Now Versed In Cuisines From 130 Different Countries From Around The World. I’ve Very Recently Returned (October, November, December) From A Culinary Adventure In Southeast Asia. It Would Be My Pleasure To Bring My Love For All Ingredients & International Flavors To You.
American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Gordon
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What would you like?

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