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Private Chef Meredith Lahaina, HI, United States

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Personal Chef # 20319

Cooking style
My culinary vision and style is all about passion. I have always said I would never feed my guests something I would not serve my family. I believe in sourcing as much as possible organic, local, and sustainable food. My food starts with the best quality ingredients first. I like to enhance their flavor and quality with great culinary technique and creativity. My culinary background has influenced my cooking style, I was classically trained in French technique, my Italian heritage is my go to and where my heart lives. Living in California my cuisine is seafood centric, on the lighter side depending on the weather. Fresh, flavorful, satisfying, texturally interesting, temperature variances, balance between savory, sweet, spicy, salty and acidic all complementing each other. I enjoy cooking comfort food as much as creating 10 course tasting meals with all the thrills. Presentation, and aesthetics are very important to me as one eats with their eyes first. Though the most important and impactful is the taste, soul and love each dish conveys. I love making food memories and being apart of peoples' joy and happiness when expectations of a meal, appetizer or dessert are surpassed.
My culinary experiences started at a young age learning from my family full of amazing cooks. Professionally I worked my way up through Four Seasons Hotels, 6 different properties opened and ran Italian- Island fusion fine dining restaurant, Modern Italian restaurant, Modern Steak House Restaurant, California Coastal Cuisine fine dining. I worked for Four Seasons for 13+ years, was a Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine and Executive Restaurant Chef for over 8 of those years. I recently left the Hotel Del Coronado after 2+ years as the Executive Restaurant Chef for their signature fine dining restaurant 1500 Ocean.
American, Fusion, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish
Chef Meredith
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