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Private Chef Noel Hoosick Falls, NY, United States

Private Chef Noel!

Personal Chef # 7019

Cooking style
While I can maintain traditional meals and cooking styles, such as Italian specialties, Mexican, Southern and Cajun; my preference is a fusion of many flavours and styles, tho predominately Mexican, with a touch of Asian. The layering and depth of flavour that can take an ordinary menu and add that one element that changes the game? That's my goal! I strive to find ways to create recipes that offer a meal so flavourful and satisfying, that everyone can enjoy it.
I was blessed to grow up on the North Carolina Outer Banks oceanfront, learning the best of seafood and BBQ preparation, from some of the best local restaurants and chefs. I added to that my love of complex and unique flavour fusions, from Mexican and Asian cuisine, to create my own personal style. Wanting to explore other flavours, I have spent many years learning traditional Italian and Mexican cooking and enjoy the comfort of not only the foods, but the spirit and passion with which it is prepared. Not one to pass on a challenge, I am constantly adding to and expanding my knowledge and menu. With 20+ years of cooking in every possible style and many locations across the country, combined with my partners' extensive experience in managing many varying styles of culinary formats, I am still learning and sharing my passion with others.
Asian, BBQ, Italian, Mexican, Soul/Southern, Vegetarian
Chef Noel
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What would you like?

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Wonderful experience!
I was looking for a personal chef to celebrate after I proposed to my now-fiancee. Everything happened pretty last minute but Noel rolled with the punches and produced an excellent dinner experience. The mussels and sea bass she cooked were amazing, some of the best seafood I've ever had!
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