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Private Chef Farit Hollywood, FL, United States

Delicious, right combination, beautiful

Personal Chef # 39718

Cooking style
My menu is suitable for people who are looking after their health, vegetarians, and those who do not take gluten, like to eat deliciously.
Work experience as a cook for over 30 years. I graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 1996. Was the owner of Cafe Europa, Stoli Restaurant and Bar in Boston. Owner of Love Cafe and Bar in Manhattan. Brooklyn, NY, was the food delivery and catering company Visit Kitchen. During the outbreak of the pandemic, I opened the food delivery company Tet2go. Currently, I am trying to convey the idea of healthy eating to the people of Miami.
American, BBQ, Eastern Europe, French, Health, Mediterranean
Chef Farit
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What would you like?

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