Private Chef Jeremy Hacienda Heights, CA, United States

Passionate and lover of amazing flavor, energetic and always trying to ring the wow factor

Personal Chef # 2097

Cooking style
It's a mix of everything I know. Cooking food styles all over the board, my flavor doesn't stem from one particular influence. I am huge on amazing impactful flavor and believe in seasoning from the ground up. I also use cooking as my creative expression so I try to create as often as possible.
Being im restaurant since I was 18 I worked my way up therabks through the years. I have worked in casual barbecue and Jamaican restaurants. I was a chef for the film industry for 5 years. The first part I worked under an Asian chef who taught me most of my technique, and the second half of my experience I ran my own crews and created my own menus. I now work at the Summit House in Fullerton. I am the test kitchen manager, though with my catering experience I also run banquets and lead the line at service when needed.
American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Fusion, Thai
Chef Jeremy
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