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Private Chef Craig Greenwich, CT, United States

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Personal Chef # 10220

Cooking style
I have been told that people can taste the love and passion that I put into my creations. I take this as the greatest of compliments because it means that I have been able to create a dish that has awakened their senses. I draw from a wide pallet of flavor profiles when I cook, Pan Asian, Indian, World Fusion, Southern BBQ, American Regional. I also have an extensive knowledge of the laws of Kashrut and am able to pretty much make any dish Kosher (no I can not make bacon kosher)
Since graduating near the top of my class from Johnson and Wales University I have held a number of different positions that have allowed me to explore all parts of the culinary world: Working as an Executive Chef on College Campuses, where I was part of a team that was routinely was rated as being in the top 5 dining programs in the country. (Yes to some it may seem that I was an overblown lunch lady. But that would be wrong for it was while working on this campus that I became familiar with cooking food for people with food allergies that ranged from the normal, celiac disease, to the more all encompassing vegan with allergies to gluten, apples, pears, raw sugar) I was able to further hone these skills by working as a member of a catering team on movie sets where I was responsible for preparing the Vegan/ Gluten free menu items that were served to members of the cast and crew. (Seeing the meat and potato loving truck drivers and teamsters who were working on the set, eating 2nds and 3rds of the food I created put a smile on my face.) I have also had the privilege of cooking food for two Nobel Prize winners and a President. So as you can see there I have the skills and passion to create food that will awaken the taste buds of you and your guests.
American, Asian, BBQ, Chinese, Fusion, Vegan
Chef Craig
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