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Private Chef joshua Grapevine, TX, United States

I make it better then your mamma

Personal Chef # 10801

Cooking style
I call my food progressive American Or contemporary American. I have a large southern influence because of where I'm from and where my mom comes from. Though I trained in New York, where I gained a very diverse palate and a large range of techniques. I cook a lot of Asian food as well as french cuisine. I was also trained by one of the best Italian chefs in the country so I'm not bad at making pasta ect. With all this said that is why I call my food new American. Because I use influence from all over the world. We are a melting pot culture, so I did my best to apply that to my theory of cooking.
I have cooked in some of the best restaurants in the US. From the DFW to New York, to LA. I have trained with the leading chefs of our industry and I run a small french bistro. I am extremely passionate and I put out food I care about.
American, Asian, French, Italian, Soul/Southern, Vegetarian
Chef joshua
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What would you like?

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