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Private Chef Anthony Grand Haven, MI, United States

Well rounded in kitchen. I have always enjoyed being able to put that elegant, intimate spin on any occasion.

Personal Chef # 4550

Cooking style
Using fresh ingredients, and pushing the boundaries on time so that I can produce the hottest, and the freshest food I possibly can. I've branched into more international styles of cuisine. Finding that it's a bit more intriguing and I find it personally more fun to see the ingredients and how different regions use and mix even the same ones.
I have a culinary degree along with 16 years of hands on experience. I do private catering. I have done various sized parties going anywhere from four to 150 plus. I've spent time doing casual and fine dining. I've spent time as a banquet chef in a hotel, and as a personal chef on a private rail car.
American, Asian, Caribbean, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Chef Anthony
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What would you like?

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