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Private Chef Suri Fresno, CA, United States

All plant-based, but you'd never think so

Personal Chef # 38004

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What I love most is creating personal experiences curated specifically to match my clients tastes & style. Some desire a Provençal brunch, others an Ethiopian feast, or perhaps handmade pasta and a Roman tiramisu to follow - and if you're not sure there's always a surprise option.
I began my culinary journey quite accidentally - I was a picky eater as a child and my fathers solution to that was to cook my own food if I wanted something other than what my mom made. Being a bit of a willful only child I accepted his challenge at 8-years-old. I would love to pretend as though I had immediate success however that surely wasn't the case, I failed over and over again, yet I eventually figured out how to navigate my way around the kitchen. What began as necessity to muster through dinners transmuted into an insatiable passion that's embedded itself into my life ever since. Another pivot point of my life was venturing into learning how to source the cleanest ingredients, which inherently changed my lifestyle into a plant-based one. I will admit when I started there was seldom any options that impressed me, so I've dedicated the past six and a half years to creating ethical dishes that don't sacrifice flavors or sustenance so I may deliver them to you.
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Chef Suri
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What would you like?

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