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Private Chef Gustavo Fitchburg, MA, United States

American and Caribbean

Personal Chef # 9866

Cooking style
Chef for restaurants serving Italian, French, Continental, Caribbean, Southern, Mexican, Italian and Soul/Southern Spanish. Saute brace rost, bring all at the guests you want!
Chef Gustavo Rodriguez. I have a lot to offer as I have twenty years of experience in the culinary and restaurant manager operations. Some specific accomplishments include: •Expanded chef through persistent effort and excellent service. •Executive experience with million-dollar upscale establishments and hotels •Executive chef for restaurants serving Italian, French, and Continental cuisine, producing $2.4 million in revenues. Does this sound like the person you need? If it does, I am eager to speak with you. I’ve enclosed my resume for your review. I look forward to hearing from you. Buen Provecho!
American, BBQ, Caribbean, Italian, Latin, Mexican
Chef Gustavo
What would you like?

What would you like?

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