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Private Chef Sachet Farmington Hills, MI, United States

Chef Sachet at your service!

Personal Chef # 15532

Cooking style
Modern, flavor driven, simple dishes made with passion without limits. My style reflects everything I see, smell and taste daily. I focus on cooking seasonal, ingredient driven dishes customizing menus for each client to maximize the culinary experience.
My catering company has been providing restaurant quality and luxury catering since 2014. Modern, flavor driven dishes made with passion without limits. Our menus reflect what we see, smell and taste daily. Chef Sachet brings her unique style and love for experimenting with different cuisines to your kitchen table giving your guests an unforgettable experience. Services include private events (cocktail parties, dinner parties, celebrations etc.) and cooking classes - all customized for you.
African, American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Sachet
What would you like?

What would you like?

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