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Private Chef Khrystyn Edgewood, MD, United States

The Seafood & Grill Master

Personal Chef # 24635

Cooking style
In one word: Fusion! I love to cook different types of foods while, elevating and fusing together!
I am all about cultivating an experience the client won’t be able to forget, leaving them wanting more! I love to collaborate with my clients! As a result, I tend to exceed my client's expectations! I listen to my client's needs from the very beginning and I make sure that every detail we discuss is executed in every aspect of the meal. No matter it be an intimate dining experience, a class or an event, the client and their needs are always met. My intent is to ensure they receive quality service and I leave a long-lasting relationship with my clients! All the while serving them ethically!
BBQ, Caribbean, Fusion, Health, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern
Chef Khrystyn
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What would you like?

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