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Private Chef Jerrell East Saint Louis, IL, United States

Creating Mad Flavors

Personal Chef # 5901

Cooking style
My grandmother on my father's side was an outstanding southern cook. She is from Dillon, South Carolina. My great grandmother on my mother's side was a outstanding cook as well. Her focus was Midwestern with a southern kick. Even though we lived in the Midwest, her elderly family is from Alabama. I've learned from them and incorporated their styles with mine. I've always loved a variety of food, which makes me versatile.
I've been cooking since I was a child. On holidays and special occasions my family gets together and we all bring a dish. After cooking for my family and friends and being complimented. I decided to take my journey further. I attended Lecole' Culinaire for a short period. Most of my jobs have been in the culinary industry. I'm currently a chef at Busch Stadium and St Anthony's Hospital.
American, BBQ, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Jerrell
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What would you like?

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