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Private Chef Marty Durham, NC, United States

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Personal Chef # 28214

Cooking style
As noted in my intro, I learned to cook many types of cuisines but am most fond of southern and Italian. I now cook a fusion style that could easily be southern food with an asian Italian twist. I prefer not to create dishes that every restaurant has. For example; my chicken n waffles are made with savory cheesy waffles, oven baked wings and a home made sweet n spicy maple syrup. Cooking with a twist! My ribeye steaks are classic and I'd put them side by side against the best steak houses in America any day, and not fear losing to them. If you are looking for basic, I'm probably not the right chef. However, if you like living on the edge, I'm all in with you!
I'm a self taught chef that trained in Europe while playing professional basketball. I'm strong in southern cuisine and Italian but have found that I cook a lot of fusion dishes. I'm a personal chef, caterer and past restaurant owner. I also have my own line of spices as well as 10 published cook books.
American, BBQ, Europe, Fusion, Italian, Soul/Southern
Chef Marty
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What would you like?

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