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Private Chef Maggie Durham, NC, United States

The healthy but delicious personal chef & caterer.

Personal Chef # 20852

Cooking style
Very healthy, sourcing local product as much as possible. No processed foods. I have incorporated a lot of sous vide into preparing proteins. Gorgeous food presented superbly and made responsibly.
Executive regional chef with 34 years of experience. Graduated from Duke University. Hands on culinary training with prominent chefs & completed a management training with a company called Growth Enterprises in the 1980's. This program required working in virtually every position within their restaurants & being expected to be able to improve each area. Specialty became designing, opening, fixing & owning restaurants throughout the country. I believe in truly listening to our clients and personalizing their menus to exceed their expectations. The last restaurant i owned was listed by Esquire Magazine as one of the best 25 new restaurants in the country. After many years in the profession it was time to enjoy being back in the kitchen full time again & begin Comfort Cuisine Personal Chef & Catering.
Asian, French, Fusion, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Maggie
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What would you like?

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