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Private Chef susan Denver, CO, États-Unis

Young Professional Chef

Personal Chef # 15572

Cooking style
I am able to whip up whatever style necessary for any occasion. I can make a safe recipe for everyone's liking or knock your socks off with a personal recipe of my own. Taste this; Chicken leg and thigh marinated with thyme, rosemary, plum sauce and all spice, seared until the skin is crispy and meat is juicy; served on a bed of wild rice with rosemary cream veloute and mirepox and topped with a grapfruit and shallot salad tossed in lemon vinaigrette.
My passion for cooking started before culinary school at Panera Bread. I stayed with the company for 5 years while i worked my way with a 4.0 through the culinary arts program at the Illinois Institute of Art. 7 years later I have hotel, banquets, fast food, fine dining and high volume experience. Some places you may have heard of: Omni in Hyatt hotels, Japonais by mori moto, Perennial virant, and Beanos cabin.
American, Caribbean, Spanish, French, Fusion, Mediterranean
Chef susan
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What would you like?

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