Private Chef Kevin Denver, CO, États-Unis

Accessible and approachable fine dining

Personal Chef # 4729

Cooking style
Flavor and substance is what I look for and try to achieve. I wouldn't say I'm a health oriented chef all of the time, but I try and creat complete and nourishing plates when I compose dishes. This is an art, but what is art without substance? My flavor profiles jump all over, but I like contrasts; bitter and sour, salty and sweet. Having worked in many kitchens, I am well versed in a multitude of styles, but tend to draw from Spanish(basque region), French(provincial), German(Bavarian), Italian(northern), and various Asian and Indian cuisines. My specialties are in fresh pasta making, sauces, baking bread, and canning.
I've been cooking since I could reach the counter. It became my career over six years ago when I was in college and I realized I enjoyed the kitchen more than the classroom.
Spanish, French, Fusion, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Kevin
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