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Trained in multiple genres of food and cooking techniques. They only let me chose 6... I'm also trained in, African, American, BBQ, Fusion, Indian, Mexican, Thai and Vegan.
I started cooking at the age of 11. I came from a single parent household and my mother worked 2 jobs. I fell in love with cooking in my early teens. My early 20s, where I served as a cook in a few mom and pop spots in Dayton, Ohio... I served as an Army cook in 2005 overseas in Southern Iraq. Having the opportunity to travel the and taste as much as I could was such an experience. I came home and ran from the kitchen until I could not find any jobs that didn't deal with food. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At that post I lost everything. My marriage, all my money, cars, home... Everything... But I didn't lose my faith in God. Living pillow to post wherever I could stay. The opportunity to work at a Place called Michaels Fine Dining and Jazz, under chef Tico Greene, is where the PartyChef was born. Owned by a local NFL player (Brandon McKinney), Michaels allowed me to find what I was looking for in the Culinary field. I went back to school to re-educate my self in my passion and hone my skill with food. Learning so many and genres if food. There's almost nothing I can't do in the kitchen. I've learned that food bring most things together. If not, all things. During this course I lost my my son due to premature birth. One of the hardest things I had to press through but non the less the MostHigh had his hand on me. Among the top chefs in Dayton, Ohio is where I rest my culinary crown. Here in this city I heal through food, run a successful catering business, practice injury prevention for prep to professional athletes, Sinclair CC Culinary Team member and a proud member the ACF, Mr. SoulFoodSunday, MealPrep King, EggRollKing, food critic and consultant... Food has help live my dream. Inspire to inspire....
Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Health, Soul/Southern, Vegetarian
Chef Dre
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