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Private Chef Dennie Dayton, OH, United States

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Personal Chef # 8182

Cooking style
Experimental at times. You can't create new dishes unless you try. When I cook at home (which is daily) I sometimes try to create something new. Something that hasn't been done yet. However most often it's simple American food doctored up (if you will). My wife/sous chef is half Mexican so we do enjoy the cuisine quite often as well. She loves making the tortillas and I love spicing things up so Mexican nights are pretty fun. I love BBQ as well, slow smoking meats outside is almost therapeutic and I don't think I 've ever made the same bbq sauce twice. I'm pretty well rounded when it comes to the other major cuisines but good ol American food is where I shine the brightest.
I got started in kitchens at the early age of 16 at a waffle house, which really actually teaches you the fundamentals of cooking. When I was 19, a chef from the cheesecake factory took a liking to me and offered me a job so I jumped at it. I was with them for 7 years and worked my way up to chef. I traveled a bit helping the company where I was needed and eventually landed in Indianapolis a few hours away from family and friends. Which took a till on me after a while cause let's face it, Chefs have no time to make new friends. So I finally found a job as the Chef for Firebirds back in Dayton where I currently work today.
American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Dennie
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