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Private Chef Thorvaldur Davis, CA, United States

I am always pursuing new culinary experiences, to share the culmination of the culinary exposure from my life

Personal Chef # 34496

Cooking style
Dedicated, although my cooking style doesn’t lean towards a specific influence, it’s more about being able to thoughtfully prepare and create an experience designed to be enjoyed, and to that I am dedicated
When I was younger, my world of culinary experience gravitated around whether or not something was good to me or not, and as I grew older, that culinary universe began to expand, I started to recognize and learn why things tasted the way they did, how there were parts to what accumulated as the final result. And even more recently the mentality, the thought that maybe food made with love is better than food made without, has been on my mind, not so much as to say that it’s actually love as it’s generally thought as, but more the thought put into the culinary creation, the details and calculations that all crossed the creators mind that went behind deciding how much of what and where, all the flavors and textures colliding in unity with the chef’s intent, so as to share the experience with whomever wants to try it.
American, Asian, Chinese, Europe, French, Greek
Foodie Thorvaldur
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What would you like?

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